An ACNL blog of an aspiring furry artist who is going out of her way to begin a portfolio. Credit for background goes to: jessiicrossing
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    *tucks 3ds into bed* *kisses it*

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  • I just got Ankha to move into my town!

    Now I just have to get her to live next to Lucky and then I will be completely set.

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    Like a star, Fauna.


    My bff Fauna decided she wanted my samurai shirt which I was going to give to Filbert but.. she really wanted it.

    anyway made me think of this

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    "don’t blink!"

    (sorry, there was no blue phone box lol)


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  • my-neighbor-is-a-cat:

    Remember in the original Animal Crossing where there were those random signs everywhere and those signs were the places where villagers could move into? Well, I wish there was a PWP that lets you place down a sign anywhere in town and it acts just like that. And the next villager to move in will move directly on it, destroying the sign, which is totally fine because you have a villager move where you want them to without plot resetting for days! 

    That’s one of the best idea’s I’ve heard about ACNL. I would go so far as to say that I would pay the deposit for the house myself to get the villagers in. Initial deposit of 50K gets the house and a random villager and you can make the house look however you want through the nooks. The more you spend or how you spend guarantees certain villagers will move into the home (snooty, jock, etc). If you add more floors, you have a chance of two villagers living together.

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